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The Cyrenaica Archaeological Project (CAP) is an international mission under the direction of Professor Susan Kane, Oberlin College, USA. CAP is the successor to the American archaeological mission in Cyrene that excavated the Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone in the Wadi Bel Gadir under the direction of Professor Donald White, University of Pennsylvania.

Using the Wadi bel Gadir as its starting point, the ultimate aim of the Cyrenaica Archaeological Project is to characterize the nature, pattern, and dynamics of human habitation and land use in the city of Cyrene and its territory. Cyrene is the lynchpin for understanding the area that it dominates and future investigations will consider the micro-region of Cyrene within the wider regional context of the Cyrenaica.

In addition to its archaeological work, CAP is collaborating with the Department of Antiquities in Shahat on a series of capacity building and infrastructure improvement projects.

Current Project Staff

Oberlin College:
Prof. Susan Kane, Department of Art
Prof. Samuel Carrier, Department of Psychology
William Raynolds, Cultural Heritage Management consultant

University of Pennsylvania:
Prof. Donald White

In Collaboration with

Department of Antiquities, Shahat:
Nasser Said Abdul Jalil, Controller

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